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Kelly Hughes
photo: Peter Kelly @thephotovore

everything but the aga was conceived as an amalgam of all the creative and functional things we do and make. whether it’s food we eat, plants we grow, or art and craft we make with our hands, all that something from nothing inspires beauty and creates meaning in our everyday lives.

founder kelly hughes is a trained chef but her interests have a serious case of wanderlust! she studied art history and photography, and in various career journeys, has worked as a pastry chef, caterer, house-mother to seniors with cognitive impairment, workshop facilitator, local food education specialist, local food procurement officer, grant manager, event planner, restaurant critic, and food writer.

her ideal life is a bit of a bohemian dream. celebrating beauty, eating good things, working with our hands, sharing the goods of talented makers, growing food, upcycling, and preserving the harvest. there is beauty and interest in the everyday. life in fun and funny and sometimes quirky and unexpected. part of this ideal life is her dream of sitting in her kitchen and basking in the warmth of a beautiful, shiny AGA

the mystery behind the name of this site, solved!

kelly’s love of designing rooms, painting, arranging flowers, collecting, developing new recipes, knitting and crocheting, dumpster-diving and repurposing led her to create ebta to meld her interests and styles of self-expression, and to inspire others to cultivate their own.

life is lovely (if aga-less)

to contact kelly, (and she hopes you will), please click here

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  1. Boy, I hope you get your Aga. They are fabulous. And so worth it. I wasn’t even looking when I found mine. I got it from a store that had gone out of business. It was the last thing left and they really just wanted the space back it was taking up. Our getting it home and the journey to get it installed is a true ‘Aga Saga’. But we finally got it. Mine is a traditional two oven gas. Wedgwood blue. I’m not a rich person, nor am I fancy. And my husband is beyond practical (on all the time?? Weighs almost two tons? We have to rip out our kitchen to get it in? Two grand to have someone come and install it??). No one in our social economic circle even knew what an Aga was. My father said it would lower the value of our house and I shouldn’t get it. I listened but had my mind set. And I couldn’t be happier (even though our kitchen is still pretty raw except for the Aga). My husband even LOVES it. Our twelve year old son loves it. Look around for a used one perhaps. They are out there. You will love it.

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