crochet some circles, and the design will follow, right?

crochet circles

i’m a crochet newbie, picking up my first hook less than a year ago, but when i did, i found i preferred it to knitting, which i have been doing since i was a child.

call me impatient, but i like the immediacy of it, that each little square or circle or hexagon is a tiny project i can finish in a few minutes. starting a new colour makes me so happy!

i remember well the hippie-style crochet of my childhood, and i still like it. but lately i’ve been drawn to more graphic motifs, the work of french designer Sophie Digard and modern patterns using simple shapes and solid swaths of colour.

over new years i headed to nyc to visit my special brit friend, and he happily accompanied me (or was dragged, depending who you ask) to purl soho to pick up a few skeins. i only sometimes know what a purchase will yield in the end. my M.O. is to buy the yarn first, and wait for the project to reveal itself.

i decided to just start crocheting little circles in grapefruit pink, acid green, lichen, and ballet pink, and square them off with a white border. thanks to Magda de Lange over at Pigtails for steering me in the right direction for a pattern.

i’m thinking this will be a throw for my bedroom, due for a redecoration in the spring. i’ll probably pick up a natural linen shade and another couple of colourful yarns, vary the sizes and shapes of the circles and squares, and group them together in blocks. when i say it like that, it sounds like i actually have a plan!

stay tuned…

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happy family day.

in canada, today is a holiday. what do you like to do with an extra day off? seizing the moment to go on a winter hike or shoot some photos would probably be the right answer, but honestly, when i get some extra time, i try to do a bit of organization. the time i spend on it today will mean i won’t have waste time looking for things later. so i’ll happily make that trade-off.

one thing i’m not very good at and would like to do better, is organize my arts + crafts projects. i always seem to have several works in progress, and while my brain knows where everything is, my living space could use with a bit less clutter. a side table holds a stack of yarn balls on the top of the piano there is a jumble of skeins ready for another project. it’s always in grabbing distance, but it looks messy and can get dusty. not to mention cats sleep wherever it is soft and warm (hmmm…)

a few ideas i already employ

  1. a cute furry zippered pouch. i can’t resist little pouches when i see them, and they serve so many purposes. one of which is to hold the tools and pattern i’m using for a project. that way i can grab a ball of yarn and the pouch and take it with me on the train or wherever else i can grab a few moments to work. i had my eye on this plum faux fur pouch and lo and behold, it turned up on the clearance rack for $5.

  2. a big old mason jar for my needles. i think needles look nice, especially bamboo or wooden ones, so i display them in a jar and whatever size i need is at close hand. old flower pots, vases, or ice buckets work great too.

  3. a big basket for yarn. again, it’s within reach, and i usually know what yarn goes with which project. but as you can see, it’s a bit of a yarn bomb, and truth be told, the cats like to sleep in it!

that’s about the extent of my repertoire. i think its apparent, i need more ideas. how do you tackle organization at home? what’s your go-to system for taking projects on the road? please do comment below, or drop me a line and share your system. i would love to hear your tips, and devote a future post to a few folks and their crafty solutions.

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