crochet some circles, and the design will follow, right?

crochet circles

i’m a crochet newbie, picking up my first hook less than a year ago, but when i did, i found i preferred it to knitting, which i have been doing since i was a child.

call me impatient, but i like the immediacy of it, that each little square or circle or hexagon is a tiny project i can finish in a few minutes. starting a new colour makes me so happy!

i remember well the hippie-style crochet of my childhood, and i still like it. but lately i’ve been drawn to more graphic motifs, the work of french designer Sophie Digard and modern patterns using simple shapes and solid swaths of colour.

over new years i headed to nyc to visit my special brit friend, and he happily accompanied me (or was dragged, depending who you ask) to purl soho to pick up a few skeins. i only sometimes know what a purchase will yield in the end. my M.O. is to buy the yarn first, and wait for the project to reveal itself.

i decided to just start crocheting little circles in grapefruit pink, acid green, lichen, and ballet pink, and square them off with a white border. thanks to Magda de Lange over at Pigtails for steering me in the right direction for a pattern.

i’m thinking this will be a throw for my bedroom, due for a redecoration in the spring. i’ll probably pick up a natural linen shade and another couple of colourful yarns, vary the sizes and shapes of the circles and squares, and group them together in blocks. when i say it like that, it sounds like i actually have a plan!

stay tuned…

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good stuff no. 2

good morning lovely people, and a very happy sunday to you.

this week’s good stuff roundup is inspired by simplicity. i’m loving the slightly minimalist theme going on.

check my instagram feed for today’s post, and to follow our listmakers and see even more of what they do.

with love,

as if i don’t love crocheting enough, it would be even better if i had one of these hand-carved crochet hooks with sweet crown tops from bqueen collection. available in singles or in sets, each one is ergonomic and made from domestic and exotic woods. that tulipwood one though! (photo: BQueen Collection)

i came across the good drink on instagram, and am now officially in awe of Colleen Jeffers recipes and photography. i need a Salted Melon Lassi with blonde rum, like, immediately. (photo: Colleen Jeffers)

what i’m loving about blooms and flora florist in guelph is their selection of slightly 70’s style potted plants. you can have a peace lily in a funky white textured ceramic pot delivered to your door for $35, or go all out and snag this stunning split-leaf philodendron. they also carry the cutest little succulent pots that make me crave some macrame hangers. now to not kill them…. (photo: Blooms and Flora)

Sue Bradbury is the woman behind EllainaBoutique, her etsy shop and home to simply designed tops, dresses, and scarves all designed and sewn by Sue. my favourite is this simple white top, but her colourful dresses with pin-tuck bodices are gorg. (photo: Sue Bradbury)

so, coffee. it’s pretty much my favourite thing in the world, so how happy am i to see filtr company joining a pretty enviable array of coffee places in town. although they are much more than a coffee shop. they deliver simple, fresh food, cold-pressed raw juices from galt juice company, and their espresso and slow-bar features small-batch beans from Monigram Roasters in Cambridge. even if you don’t live here, visit the website and peruse the deliciousness. (photo: Filtr Co.)

oh, and by the way, was it a fabulous dream, or did AGA Living really post a photo of this luscious pink number for valentine’s day? yes, yes they did. sigh. (photo:

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good stuff no. 1

“the road is hard, love softens it.”

we have the late great poet Steven Levine to thank for that perfect quote on this day of love.

love of all kinds makes life softer. a favourite song, a cat in your lap, a warm muffin to enjoy with your latte, or a new ball of yarn in a colour you admire, soft, and full of promise. we give love out and we receive it, to ourselves, and others through little bits of beauty every day. do you agree?

it’s been a rough week of battling the flu and being unable to do much in the way of creating, but a few simple pleasures have made life bearable while i recover!

let’s end the week with some bits of beauty for you.

with love

  1. rhubarb-rose syrup. i made this with some pretty pink rhubarb frozen from the summer, sugar, water, and rosewater. mixed with soda for a refreshing way to get enough to drink. (a splash of vodka or even whiskey would not go unappreciated either)

  2. moments in love, the art of noise. the lush and spectacularly romantic 10+ minute version on vinyl purchased when i was 16 is one of my favourites to listen to.

  3. this double tourmaline ring by Attic Gold. the more i see this, the more i think how perfect it is. more on Attic in a later post.

  4. gold lace-up espadrille shoes from Soludos. these will be perfect for my trip to key west in april. also available in a slip-on style.

  5. modern love. we may have lost david, but his legend will never die. this photo my terry o’neill was taken in 1974, and hangs in my living room.

  6. this glorious new yarn by Purl Soho in ballet pink. flax down comes in 12 sublime colours, and having spent my illness crocheting little graphic squares, i can attest to its beauty to work with. stay tuned…

  7. this vase by ceramic artist Thomas Aitken. i discovered his work at the clay and glass museum, and was taken first by the colour of his glazes. this little vase is perfect for small blooms.

  8. love in the time of cholera, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. if you haven’t read the story of Florentino and Fermina, it’s worth a read (or reread).

  9. artist Frances Hahn this little painting on wood (can you guess who it is?) measures just 3×4″ and is part of an amazing 100 little works. i’ve always admired Frances’ work for is simplicity and her command of colour. beautiful!

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